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VIDEO - A New Way of Knowing Your Birds

FeatherFlix has two objectives — to help you identify the birds and, more importantly, to help you KNOW them.

Identify Birds

Using the FeatherFlix identification function promotes careful observation.

Colors - Select all the colors you see including accent colors, especially on plain birds such as sparrows.

Size - The hummingbird icon covers birds up to 5 1/2” long, like chickadees, kinglets, warblers. You select only one size icon; FeatherFlix will automatically look for birds that are smaller or larger.

Habitat - The habitat in which you see your bird.

As you select identification filters, you reduce the number of candidates. Tap the small image of your strongest candidate and go to its information page to see its behavior and hear its sounds.

Browse Birds

If you are confident of the group of your target bird, select that group — Alcids, Ducks, Herons, Hawks, etc. or select All Birds.

Three ways to visit a bird:

My List

Serious fun here! At the thumbnail image on each bird’s page is a binocular icon. Tap the binoculars to enter date and location. Accumulate sightings at your home, your state, a park or refuge. Add a note, like, “Carrying nest material, confirms breeding”, “First song of the season”.

You can share your sightings by text, email, or social media.

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